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Would you make a donation to Shelter From The Storm if you thought you might be buying life for an abused woman or child?  Chances are, you would.  So, please do it today and help keep the doors of the Valley’s only emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence remain open.

Few things in life are “all or nothing” propositions, but for emergency shelters there is no middle ground.  Either we remain a refuge or we fail in our mission.  This is not a crisis waiting to happen…it is happening… right here and now.

We cannot cut back on hours of operation or furlough staff on Fridays or walk out at five o’clock and lock the doors.  A 24-hour crisis center must operate 24 hours.  A victim’s cry for help must be answered at the moment of need.  Emergency services must operate every hour of every day, year-round, if innocent lives are to be spared.  When victims are unable to access critical life saving services, people die.  Period.

Yet the fact remains that funding for domestic violence shelters has been drastically cut at the same time as the demand for services is on the rise.  In our case, over the last year we have lost several staff positions.  Should we be forced to further cut services the entire community will pay in additional costs to public safety, law enforcement, hospital emergency rooms, courts, and other public entities –not to mention the cost of terrible human suffering.

If we are unable to continue to provide all of our life-saving services thousands of fragile, at risk families living in our service area, stretching from the border through Banning and beyond, will be endangered.  That’s 140 square miles!   
Shelter From The Storm saves lives by providing safety, counseling, medical care, food, clothing, schooling, long term transitional housing, and resources to women and children from every walk of life as they struggle to build safe and healthy lives that are free of fear and violence.

To make sure that victims of violent homes continue to have a place to turn for help, we are asking you to donate whatever you can and to do it now.  No amount, however small, is insignificant.

Please know how much we appreciate your ongoing support over the past 20-plus years and how much we continue to count on you in this time of unprecedented financial crisis. The lives of thousands of our community’s abused women and children depend on us – and on you. 

Thank you!

Angelina Coe, Executive Director


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